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8 ways to increase the energy of your team

Leaders can increase the energy of a team to boost morale

It might not seem like it this week, but warmer weather is right around the corner. However, your energy levels are probably still suffering at the hands of cold, dark days. But leadership expert Jan Hills has eight tips designed to help you boost the energy on your team.

Enhance your relationships
While it’s important to be professional, you should also show an interest in your colleagues’ personal lives. Ask them what’s going on outside of work and remember who said what so you can follow up later. A question as simple as “how was your daughter’s recital” can do wonders for a person’s attitude.

Honour your commitments
Always follow through with your promises. Nothing saps the energy out of a team like one member letting everybody down. If you’ve committed to something, be sure to deliver.

Talk about your goals
People can be energised when someone they respect stands for something larger than him or herself. Talk to your colleagues about your goals and how they relate to the business as a whole. And it’s important also to keep others abreast of what you’re doing.

Look for possibilities rather than problems
When the team is brainstorming, keep the energy up by looking at the potential new ideas bring rather than immediately pointing out the obstacles that might make it difficult to put into action. If there are problems, take care of them early so they’re not hanging over the group like a dark cloud.

Focus on the issue in disagreements
Don’t let an argument become personal. Keep things professional and only focus on the reason for the disagreement.

Pay attention during meetings
It’s not enough to simply be engaged in a conversation. Show your interest in what’s being discussed by focusing on the topic at hand. People will notice if your attention is split.

Be open to new ideas
Energisers always find ways of getting others involved by listening to their ideas and accepting their unique way of working.

Encourage others to speak up
Even if you’re an expert on the subject, don’t discourage others from chipping in when it comes to finding solutions. It’s another great way of letting your colleagues know their input is valued.

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