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Air-con wars raise the temperature in offices

Air-con Wars

A report we at PA Life Towers can totally relate to – nearly half of office workers claim that the office temperature is what causes the most frustration and differences of opinion in the workplace.

A survey of more than 1,300 employees by Elmo Oil has found that 57 per cent consider their office too hot, while 43 per cent say that the office temperature is too cold for working conditions.

Some 63 per cent claim that the temperature affects their productivity, 17 per cent have asked to work from home because the office was either too hot or too cold. And 32 per cent of respondents revealed that the office temperature leads to regular arguments amongst colleagues.

So, which offices are the hottest and the coldest? The report reveals the Top 5 lists – although there may be conflicting reports from staff on whether they are actually hot or cold…

Top 5 Sectors with the Hottest Temperature
• Information & Communications – 86%
• Marketing – 82%
• Professional Services (Law, Accountancy) – 78%
• Education – 73%
• Creative & Photographic – 71%

Top 5 Sectors with the Coldest Office Temperature
• Retail – 27%
• Healthcare – 25%
• Construction – 19%
• Oil & Utilities – 17%
• Facilities Management – 15%