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    The most common workplace email faux pas revealed

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    A nationwide study of 1,000 Brits has uncovered a list of the biggest mistakes you can make on work email, with adding a kiss coming out top. More than 40% of office workers think ‘xx’ on work correspondence is completely unprofessional. The study by Pure Commercial Finance also revealed eight percent of British workers feel […]

    Sssshh! Keep the workplace quiet – and healthy!

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    Noise in the workplace is having a negative impact on the wellbeing of employees and impacting significantly on their productivity. In a survey of 1,000 UK-based office workers, 65 per cent reported that noise in the workplace impacted on their ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner. Nearly half (44 per cent) […]

    Tidy desk, tidy mind – and you won’t annoy your colleagues

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    Some 63 per cent of UK office workers annoyed when colleagues’ desks are messy, according to a study. The research, which looked into organisational habits at work, found that almost two thirds (59 per cent) of those surveyed said they regularly procrastinate over organisational tasks, with less than half of UK office workers (45 per […]

    Work-related illness costing the economy £9bn

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    Some 26 million working days are being lost due to work-related ill health, costing over £9 billion to the economy, according to research by the Health and Safety Executive. At the same time, almost half of Britain’s industry leaders do not feel enough is being done across industry to tackle the problem, with the study […]

    Air-con wars raise the temperature in offices

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    A report we at PA Life Towers can totally relate to – nearly half of office workers claim that the office temperature is what causes the most frustration and differences of opinion in the workplace. A survey of more than 1,300 employees by Elmo Oil has found that 57 per cent consider their office too […]

    The 10 commandments of the workplace

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    According to Workfront’s 2016 State of Work report, in general UK workers express a great deal of positivity and even love regarding their jobs, their co-workers and even their bosses. When asked, however, employees also expressed noteworthy levels of annoyance with disruptive co-workers and workspaces that make it difficult for them to complete their work. These […]

    Five steps to a tidier desk – and maybe a promotion too

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    New research from ICT services provider Brother UK shows that one in 10 bosses would overlook a junior colleague for promotion simply because they have a messy desk. And it’s not just bosses that judge us for having cluttered workspaces – 40% see untidy colleagues as disorganised, while 15% assume that this means we don’t […]

    A messy desk could limit your career potential

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    A survey of more than 2000 office workers by Brother UK has revealed that one in three admit to having a desk that is cluttered or a mess, and almost one in 10 bosses said a messy desk would lead them to overlook a junior colleague for promotion. Managers admitted to judging junior colleagues with […]

    Casual clothes win over suits at work

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    Standards are slipping for British office workers, who are swapping suits for t-shirts and casual clothes – and spending less time getting ready for work. According to new research, less than a fifth of people said they would still wear a suit for work, suggesting that casual clothes are becoming the new office wear as […]

    Top desk etiquette tips

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    Your desk is your space when you’re at work. It is a sacred bubble that you keep as your own, but remember that what you do with it can affect your colleagues, especially if you work in an open-plan office. Here are some top tips from Staples to help you adhere to desk etiquette. Get […]

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