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The top 10 passive aggressive office put-downs – and how to tackle them

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When a person is indirectly aggressive, their behaviour may fall under the umbrella of passive aggressive. According to UK Google trend data, the search term ‘passive aggressive behaviour’ has received a 227.27% uplift within the last year alone (May 2020 – April 2021). Such an uplift reflects the nations uncertainty with regards to how to […]

UK employees would take a £2,665 pay cut to avoid going back to the office

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Saving money on the daily commute, no need to worry about what to wear and no office politics to deal with… are just a handful of benefits to working from home. And many don’t want to give it up now. Insolvency Support, provider of business support, tips and resources, conducted a survey of 3,000 employees […]

Tidy desk, tidy mind – and you won’t annoy your colleagues

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Some 63 per cent of UK office workers annoyed when colleagues’ desks are messy, according to a study. The research, which looked into organisational habits at work, found that almost two thirds (59 per cent) of those surveyed said they regularly procrastinate over organisational tasks, with less than half of UK office workers (45 per […]

Air-con wars raise the temperature in offices

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A report we at PA Life Towers can totally relate to – nearly half of office workers claim that the office temperature is what causes the most frustration and differences of opinion in the workplace. A survey of more than 1,300 employees by Elmo Oil has found that 57 per cent consider their office too […]

Bosses driven crazy by employee habits

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New research from AXA PPP healthcare has revealed aspects of office behaviour that bosses find most irksome. It would appear that poor time keeping, office romances and foul habits are rife when working in smaller businesses, with one in 10 not liking their colleagues. Topping the table of annoyances of a poll of business owners, […]

Employees reveal embarrassing office Christmas party moments on Twitter

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We’ve all had cringe-worthy moments at the office, but the holiday season seems to be rife with them. US comedian and host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to take to Twitter using the hashtag #officepartyfails to reveal some of the most embarrassing events to happen at their office Christmas party. The […]

Getting ahead at work: Social class divide, power and office politics

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A new study from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business has found that social class inequality in the workplace persists not only because of external factors such as bias and “glass ceilings”, but also because of structural factors that discourage relatively low-class people from seeking positions of power in the first place. The […]

A third of bosses play Scrooge at work this Christmas

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A third of British bosses will be bringing Scrooge to work this year by banning Christmas festivities, new research reveals. A survey of 1005 employees carried out by artificial Christmas tree e-tailer Christmas Tree World asked Brits about their employers’ attitudes toward festivities in the workplace and found that one in three employers will put […]

Tips to help introverts win at work

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Anybody familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator knows that there are roughly 16 personality types. I’ll let you in on a little fact about me – I’m a bona fide INTJ type, which forms just 0.8% of the population and means I’m highly introverted. Fellow introverts know that social situations such as life at the […]

1 in 4 Brits doesn’t trust their boss

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One in four Brits doesn’t trust their boss, a new study has found. A poll of 2000 people found one in four employees doesn’t trust their boss, with workers in the North East (30%) the most distrusting of those that cover their pay cheques. Around one in 10 don’t always have faith in their sibling, […]