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    AirGO private jets – The trouble-free, convenient and sustainable solution for luxury travel

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    Over the last year, private jet flights have taken a new role by providing an efficient, safe and reliable way to travel. Previous to the pandemic exclusivity and comfort were decisive factors for this choice of many business aviation customers.

    However, the Covid-19 outbreak shifted the priority on the high level of biosecurity thanks to decreased number of touchpoints during the private jet travel journey.

    Another aspect is that until now, commercial airlines could not provide a reliable and stable schedule. Flights are subject to constant change or cancellation on short notice due to changing regulations or profitability decisions. Aside from the trunk routes, there might be no direct or feasible flights at all.

    Therefore, for important travel arrangements flying private is the perfect solution. Chartering an aircraft like AirGO’s Piaggio Avanti offers the most reliable and flexible solution build around the passenger’s requirements. While the client also has the lowest virus exposure of all alternative travel modes.

    This is even possible without a negative impact on the personal CO2 footprint. AirGO cooperates with Compensaid by Lufthansa. Travellers can simply create an account and choose to compensate all their flights, private and commercial, on one platform. AirGO Compensaid offers full flexibility for the mode of compensation. Choosing Sustainable Aviation Fuel has the biggest impact thanks to compensation with an immediate effect, but also longer-term compensation is possible.

    A neural CO2 balance of all flight is just a few clicks away in a transparent and straightforward way.

    AirGO is a boutique airline offering on-demand flights, aircraft ownership and management solutions. AirGO entered the private charter market almost 20 years ago and we were the first ones to operate the Piaggio Avanti, the most efficient and stylish aircraft in its class.


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