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Americans would move jobs to find happiness

Tips to help you find a job you love

We have our own work ideals here in the UK, but new research shows that money and perks aren’t always enough for our counterparts across the pond. A study finds many Americans would move jobs in order to find happiness.

The research commissioned by Cornerstone OnDemand reveals that career satisfaction and work-life balance are the two biggest reasons American employees either stay at their jobs (38% combined) or leave – 29% resign due to work overload.

Workers are also willing to make life-altering decisions and considerable sacrifices in order to find happiness. 89% say they would make a lateral career move ­with no financial incentive to start a new career (41%) or for a professional challenge (40%). 77% of Americans surveyed also consider relocating to a different city, state, or country.

The findings suggest Americans make important decisions about their career based on the perceived level of happiness they’ll gain from it. Professional growth, purpose and fulfilment are key factors in changing jobs – not just a bigger paycheque.

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