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    Appetite for Business will make you an indispensable Stand Out Assistant!

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    Appetite for Business is an award winning accredited UK learning provider who support global customers and individuals to achieve successful adoption of Microsoft Office 365 across all sectors, public and private.

    As a former PA herself founder Sheryl Newman and the team are passionate and thrive on supporting and championing this community to help learn and master Microsoft Office 365 digital skills to become even better assistants’.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out on your journey or looking to enhance your skills Appetite for Business  are here to help you take your next digital step forward, with a specially designed online membership called CUBE. This easy to access online training portal will help you rapidly gain the skills you need to be a dynamic assistant.

    Our focus is to encourage and motivate PAs/EAs/ and Vas to want to work more productively, save time and be able to collaborate with colleagues easily. This is even more critical if you have been furloughed and are behind the curve on the new Microsoft 365 technology that has been rolled out in your company and want to quickly get up to speed again.

    It’s time to stop playing small. This is a Game Changer enabling you to get more done in less time and increase your earning potential.

    From the point of introduction, we believe in guiding our customers through the transformation process of moving to Office 365, our team becomes an extension of your team with the same aspirations and goals. Customers that use our adoption solutions gain from the confidence of working with an accredited team and Microsoft End User Adoption Specialist team credited by their knowledge, best practice and high level of customer success and satisfaction

    Hanging out with us will make you an indispensable Stand Out Assistant!


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