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    Are these the most Instagrammable office decor trends of 2021?

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    Spending a lot of time surrounded by the same four walls can quickly become boring and having a space that reflects you, or your business’ identity, is important in order to create a functional working environment. In fact, a survey of 10,000 office workers by Ipsos found that  85% of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate.

    With further research showing that a strong office design can make employees 33% happier at work, it’s worth considering an office makeover to create the optimum working environment.

    There’s one place that’s perfect for finding out what employees love in terms of office design – Instagram. New research by Office Furniture Online can now reveal the most popular office designs on the platform, as well as some top tips on how you can recreate these Insta-worthy office vibes yourself and in turn boost your productivity levels:-

    1. Contemporary

    In first place, the most Instagrammed office trend is contemporary, with a whopping 11,644 posts in the last 12 months! This look is super easy to recreate as it’s like a minimalistic design, requiring minimum effort – think sleek furniture, modern desks, and framed art. Make sure to keep your colour palette cool and have any furniture spaced out.

    Bench desks or even high tables and stools are really going to give you that contemporary look and if you really want to go the extra mile then swap out any carpets for more of a sleek flooring option.

    1. Vintage

    As for the second most popular office design on Instagram, it seems that vintage never goes out of style, with 11,339 posts over the last year. Vintage offices are still popular and are all about reclaiming that old style and incorporating this into your office space. Here, you’ve got quite of bit of scope in terms of time periods and different furniture pieces.

    The main point is to give your room an elegant feel, full of antiques transporting you back in time – you can really play around with how fancy you want to make the space.

    Anybody looking to give their office more of a vintage look should opt for dark coloured walls, such as dark teal or a deep navy-blue, along with leather-look chairs, tall, dark bookcases, and robust, wooden-wash desks.

    Although this style works best in a home office, you can still blend this look with more modern interior design trends for a multi-person office. To achieve this mixture of trends, it’s all about the pieces you choose and their vintage vibes – décor accessories like wall art or lighting fixtures can have a big impact here.

    1. Industrial

    In third with 10,894 posts over the last year is industrial style which combines both a polished and unfinished look, so can be tricky to replicate.

    With a futuristic and artistic design, the best ways to get this vibe yourself is through exposed brick, piped shelving, black-headed hanging lights, dark wooden furniture, and grey walls.

    You could even paint any exposed brick in sharp grey, or if you’re unable to get exposed brick, you can invest in a brick-design wallpaper. Finally, a wide, patterned floor rug will really tie the whole space together.

    1. Minimalist

    Minimalist offices are very popular as they’re super simple and provide a great workspace thanks to their calming design, so it’s no surprise they are in our top five list with 3,937 posts this past year.

    Minimalism is all about stripping back the unnecessary, leaving only the things that provide you with real value and joy.

    Ensure that you stick to a white colour scheme as much as possible, all the way from the wall colour to any additional décor, as this will keep the space bright and clean. Other than that all you really need is a stylist yet basic office desk, simplistic floor lamp, and perhaps some plants to add a subtle bit of life and colour to the space.

    1. Urban

    Urban style finishes out our top five office trends with 3,377 posts in the last 12 months. Urban offices provide the best of both worlds since it mixes various designs together to create a unique office space.

    To get the look, all you really need to do is combine all your favourite parts of minimalist, contemporary, and industrial designs, which will help create a functional yet stylish space. Try to ensure nothing is crammed together whilst having enough items and colour to add some personality.

    Mark Taylor, Managing Director at Office Furniture Online, said: “We’ve all scrolled through Instagram and seen interior design photos that we wish we could replicate in our own offices and home offices.

    “For anyone who works from home, your workspace is so important as it is where you spend most of your day and nobody wants to work in an uninspiring, boring environment. For business owners, the design of your office space is crucial, as it can have a huge impact on employee happiness and productivity.3

    “So it’s worth business leaders and office managers taking a look at the popular trends on Instagram, to get a feel for the type of office they want to create, and the image they want their brand to portray.”

    Other top Instagram office trends included rustic, retro, abstract, scandinavian, and bohemian respectively.

    To find out more about the research and see further trends such as abstract, Scandinavian, and boho, please visit: https://www.officefurnitureonline.co.uk/blog/the-most-instagrammable-office-design-trends/

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