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    Are younger generations losing vital skills?

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    With younger workers have grown up in a very different world to that of their seniors, and bosses are concerned that differences in culture mean that businesses are missing out on valuable personal skills. New research by ipostparcels has revealed that handwriting and physical forms of communication are becoming a dying art as more across the country are choosing to post on a Facebook wall than post a letter.

    77% of younger workers felt like the act of sending letters, thank you cards and parcels has become a dying art, with nearly half of Millennials admitting they’ve never even sent a single handwritten letter. Despite this, three quarters of workers believe sending and receiving physical media showed more care than a digital message. A massive 81% get more excited when they receive physical post from someone they know compared to online, and professionals believe it’s due to the more deliberate nature of receiving a package.

    “Digital forms of communication often comprise of short phrases and emojis to express what we mean,” said Psychologist Dr Saima Latif. “The effect of abbreviated forms of communication is that emotions and feelings cannot be expressed as effectively and can sometimes be misconstrued.

    “Receiving a parcel or letter from someone we know makes us feel instantly loved because we appreciate the time and effort that has been put into creating it. These forms of communication create memories, as people often keep letters and cards and look back on them years later, whereas digital communication is often deleted or discarded.”

    Following the results from the research, ipostparcels has launched the first ever national ‘Post For A Post Day’. The aim is to encourage people across the UK to send more meaningful forms of communication such as a handwritten letter or surprise parcel instead of sending a text or posting a message via WhatsApp or social media.

    “Social media, text messages and other forms of digital communication are undoubtedly a fantastic way to keep in touch throughout our busy lives,” said Gemma Conroy, Ecommerce Manager. “However, there is clearly still a desire to receive parcels and letters due to the thought, care and meaning behind such a gesture.

    “We have created Post For A Post Day to help put the meaning back into posting again by encouraging people to send a thoughtful gift or letter to a special person in your life, rather than sending a text or using social media.”

    How vital is handwriting to modern day business? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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