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      Britain’s most dangerous drivers are in their 30s

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      Northern women called Sarah and Emma are among those most likely to cause a crash

      Women called Sarah and men named John are the most likely to be involved in a car crash, according to new statistics by Your Legal Friend.

      70% of drivers who cause road accidents are men, and are most likely to be called John or David. Those involved in collisions on the road are expected to be in their 30s, with 30-year old drivers found to be the most likely to cause a crash and 32-year olds likely to be crashed into. When it comes to women drivers, the most accident-prone drivers are most likely to be called Sarah or Emma.

      Throughout the year, July has been found to be the most dangerous month, with road accidents expected to occur more regularly every Friday of July than at any other point of the year. Drivers involved in a collision will most likely drive a Ford, with the Ford Focus, Ford Focus and Ford KA ranking in the top 5 cars most likely to be driven into an accident.

      The most common type of collision on British roads is from behind, with 38% of those involved in an accident revealing that they were hit from the rear and more than one in ten colliding at a blind corner or junction. 6% of drivers have shunted others on roundabouts, while just 3% have been involved in scrapes in the car park.

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      The South West of Britain was found to be the safest place to drive in the country and the North ranking highest in road accidents. Liverpool was found to have the second highest number of road collisions in the country, with the Halifax, Yorkshire having the highest recorded proportion of accidents compared to recorded drivers in the area.

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