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Brits miss work due to poor sleep

The World Sleep Survey has revealed that while one in three Britons experiences poor sleep, only 60% seek a remedy and it’s costing the labour market more than a week of work.

Those who report their sleep as below average say they’ve missed an average of 14.6 days of work a year due to being tired. That’s nearly twice as much as other employees.

The research also shows poor sleep to be bad for productivity, with participants saying it affects concentration levels, the ability to complete work and staying awake. They report a lack of energy, more bad moods and arguments with loved ones thanks to their sleeping habits.

Bad sleep is also threatening Brits’ lives, with one in five respondents reporting falling asleep while driving.

The latest results come from digital medicine company Big Health as the world heads into a seasonal shift in sleep quality following the shortest day of the year.

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