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    Brits time holiday social media posts to make colleagues jealous

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    The traditional paper postcard is going out of fashion thanks to the internet, with Brits preferring social media to share their holiday memories. New research shows this propensity for social media has a dark side, with employees timing their posts to make colleagues back home jealous.

    Seven in 10 people surveyed by OnePoll.com on behalf of Royal Caribbean International said they don’t send paper postcards anymore, instead sharing their holiday memories online. A whopping 90% even admitted the only reason they use social media while travelling is to boast to friends and family.

    Of those, a third said they time their posts for maximum jealousy from colleagues, with the optimum time to brag being 9am on Monday morning home time. A further 34% post what Royal Caribbean International has dubbed a ‘boastcard’ on Sunday evening – the time they know most people will be dreading the work week ahead – while 31% plan their pictures for the post-lunch slump.

    Proving that the average Brit is addicted to social media, more than half of those polled said they get a good feeling from the amount of ‘likes’ on their posts, while one in 10 ranked sharing travel photos as more important than a holiday romance and 12% said it’s more significant than good weather where they’re staying.

    Four in 10 Brits on holiday share their first photo within two hours of stepping off the plane, then post up to three times a day throughout their trip. Despite their love of bragging online, half of participants said they don’t feel confident in their ability to take the perfect holiday snap.

    To help those who want to brag to their friends and colleagues, Royal Caribbean International has teamed up with social expert The Whole World is a Playground to create these top 10 tips for taking the perfect holiday picture.

    1. More for your money – Pick a holiday that will provide a wealth of experiences and destinations worth boasting about.
    2. Pick your time – ‘Golden hour’, the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset, creates the most evocative light for holiday photos, so set that alarm clock.
    3. Shock factor – Get out of your comfort zone, go on a giant zip line, sky dive, go surfing. Seek out new experiences to increase maximum boasting potential.
    4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T – It’s always important to treat the locals with respect, so if there’s a sign saying no photos, don’t take one.
    5. Editing – Whether you’re using a phone or a DSLR it pays to edit your photos before posting. A few small tweaks can switch a photo from good to awesome.
    6. Hashtags – Hashtags increase the reach of your images; for Instagram try three or four in the main photo caption followed by more in a comment below. Why not try a shameless #Boastcard?
    7. Location, location, location – Always tag the location of a photo when posting. This instantly increases the reach, allowing others visiting to find your photo.
    8. Frequency – A maximum of two Instagram pictures a day works well without jamming up your followers’ feeds, while Instagram stories are a great way to add a post about your adventure.
    9. Do your research – To get the best shots you need to seek out the best photo locations, so plan ahead.
    10. Last but not least, have fun – Remember you are on holiday and surrounded by incredible and often once-in-a-lifetime scenes – so have fun and live in the moment.
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