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Brits too busy for socialising

Half of British workers have revealed that they consider themselves too busy to use up their full holiday allowance. As part of the Flights quicker than campaign, holiday flight experts Monarch has looked into how much time and effort is put into mundane tasks when they could be taking a break, yet many in the UK simply don’t feel they ‘have the time’ in their daily lives to make room for a much needed rest.

One in seven Brits lose almost five days a year because they can’t find the time to leave the office, and the other leading factor in not taking the time off is because they can’t afford the holiday they want. More than a third end up regretting working the long hours instead of spending time with friends and family and a third of those that actually do take the time off end up wishing they had taken the time to relax and switch off from the office environment.

A main problem for many workers is time management. In both work and home life, Brits are struggling to keep themselves organised. Each week, the average UK employee spends five and a half hours making small talk during work time and six hours a week commuting, four of which are spent sat in unmoving traffic.

Encouraging the public to get out the office, Monarch has compiled a list of Brits’ top solutions including making more lists, getting into a routine and cooking bulk weekly meals in order to free up more space for themselves. 11% of Brits even suggest spending more time on social media could boost productivity and save time.

“It’s interesting to see that so many Brits wish they could go on more holidays yet, almost half didn’t actually use up their full holiday allowance last year,” said Rob Foulkes, Head of Digital and Marketing at Monarch. “That’s why we’ve created the Flights Quicker Than Tool, to help Brits find out where they can save time and make the most of the holiday they are entitled to.”