• Taking a social media break could make you a better worker

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    As the UK continues to embrace the digital age, most of us never seem to be off our phone. For many across the country, checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do at night, but bringing social media into the office is still very much frowned upon.

    Despite workers admitting that social media is one of the biggest office distractions, taking a five-minute break to check up on our online lives could be the secret to a better working environment. A study by the University of Derby has revealed that we could be missing out on a self-esteem and productivity boost by not allowing ourselves to indulge in our social side.

    Home to more than a billion daily users, Facebook is a leading social media platform and with more than three quarters of Brits finding themselves accessing the internet almost every day, the British public is at risk of becoming addicted to their phones. Upwards of one in 10 smartphone users are classified as addicted, and accessing sites like Facebook and talking instantly to friends the world over from your fingertips has been linked to easing stress when times get tough.

    “Facebook and other social networking sites are now important mediums of online communication,” said Dr Zaheer Hussain, discussing his new study An Exploratory Study Of Facebook Intensity And Its Links To Narcissism, Stress And Self-esteem. “A five-minute Facebook session can immediately result in increased levels of self-esteem. This may be because users who browsed their close friends, chatted with them, or viewed positive content on social networking sites would display a momentary increase in self-esteem.”

    The need for social support could help your brain get back into gear when you return to your workload. Of course, you could always go outside instead.

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