Business Travel Show: Day one Fundamentals of Business Travel seminar guide

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This year’s Business Travel Show features a content stream dedicated to PAs and those who are new to looking after their company’s travel arrangements. The Fundamentals of Business Travel sessions focus on intro-level topics to get you started in your career. Here’s a look at the sessions on offer in the Olympia Room Theatre today (Wednesday, 22 February).

10am-11am: 10 quick wins to get you started in travel management – Sandy Moring, Director of Education at the Institute of Travel Management
Everything you need to know about making a flying start to travel management in 60 minutes! Not everything about travel management is easy, but there are some very straightforward changes you can make within your organisation which will yield instant savings, compliance improvements and risk reductions. Discover what you can do straight away when it comes to issues like policy, data and supplier negotiations.

11.30am-12.30pm: Negotiating the best savings and value with travel suppliers – Donald Swartz, Managing Director of CTBR LLC
Buyers can achieve substantial discounts and other benefits through preparing RFPs and negotiating deals with airlines, hotels, car rental companies and ground transportation providers. But you’ll only land a good agreement if you prepare the right way, know what to ask for and can deliver what suppliers are looking for. Learn exactly what it takes to nail the ideal agreement for your company.

1pm-2pm: Corporate payments – achieve more savings, more data, more process efficiencies – Abi Hunt, Unilever, and Ross Cooper, Barclaycard
Corporate payments are a convenient way for your employees to pay for their travel, but there are many other benefits too, including improved data and massive process efficiencies. But which option is best for you: corporate card or lodge card, and what about tricky choices like corporate liability or individual liability? Our expert lays out the basics for you.

2.30pm-3.30pm: Using data for improved savings and control – Tyler Christie, VP of Product at Pi and President of AMEE
Management information is central to every aspect of travel management, from identifying supplier negotiation opportunities to monitoring traveller compliance and tracking employees in the event of an emergency. But where do you source your data and how do you analyse and act on it? We explain everything you need to get yourself started.

4pm-5pm: Travel management for SMEs – Stuart Birkin, Director of Account Management at CTM
How can you make savings on your travel spend if you have only limited negotiating power and limited manpower? It’s not easy, but there are solutions to this challenging problem. Our expert insider gives you the lowdown.

There are plenty of other sessions and more advanced topics on offer, as well as a series of panel discussions. To find out more, visit

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