• Business travellers urged to stay safe as violence spreads across the continent

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    As violent protests and attacks become more common across Europe, Britain and the world, those travelling for business need to take extra precautions to keep safe in unfamiliar locations. Corporate travel risk management specialist beTravelwise has released a guide to help workers caught in the middle of unpredictable incidents.

    Within Europe, the UK has been declared the most dangerous destination by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office when it comes to terror attacks, with nearby neighbours France, Belgium and Germany also rated ‘very likely’, and as political and social uncertainty leads to more unrest, activist demonstrations are also growing in major business cities such as Dubrovnik, Rome and Barcelona, which recently found itself victim to local protests that targeted a number of popular hotels and busses of foreign visitors.

    The specialist firm has released a video on the importance of situational awareness, and are urging people to make sure they understand the local culture, and in case of an emergency head straight for a secure location and stay there until it’s confirmed to be safe. The guide also advises business travellers to inform emergency contacts if possible and stay clear of police dealing with the problem.

    “While it is clearly imperative to avoid violent demonstrations, the biggest issue facing business travellers is the potential disruption caused by social unrest and the unnecessary stress this can cause,” said beTravelwise Director Andy Prior. “Business travellers shouldn’t solely rely on their security representative or government advice regarding the potential threat posed by smaller, localised demonstrations.

    “In areas where social unrest is likely, they should enquire at their hotel or with a local contact at least 24 hours in advance to factor in potential delays and identify alternative routes when taking important journeys.”

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