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    Coronavirus: Wellness guru hosting mass online hypnosis session for isolating Brits

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    Isolating Brits are being invited to join in the world’s first mass online hypnosis session tonight (Friday, March 20th) at 8pm.

    Devised by wellness guru Kim Palmer, the session will be available via Clementine’s Instagram channel @clementineappuk.

    In the session experts will provide a hypnotherapy service to help people relax after one of the most difficult weeks in living memory.

    The programme, led by cognitive hypnotherapist Hazel Gale, aims to alleviate the stress and worry felt by millions of people as they come to the end of their first week of self-isolation and social distancing.

    Palmer said: “It has been a very weird, unsettling time for a lot of people and hypnotherapy can help reset our balance.

    “Hypnosis can guide you to a peaceful, meditative place. It’s a bit like when you’re daydreaming and the world falls away – you’re neither fully present nor fast asleep.

    “In this state, your brain is really receptive to new ideas.

    “Once we’ve helped you to relax, our recordings will tap into your subconscious thoughts – suggesting new ways to deal with everyday niggles as well as bigger, more difficult situations.

    “Neuroscientists believe that hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to make changes to your thought processes, as it’s when the mind is most durable and adaptable to change.

    “That’s why you will “wake up” feeling positive, calm and better able to cope.”

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