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    Discover a healthier you at the PA Life Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Summit next week

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    Whether it’s emotional self-care or nutrition, creating a healthy work environment is vital. The PA Life Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Summit can help – It’s taking place during the PA Show next week!

    We’ll will be hosting two full days of seminar sessions, that will help you gain control of your wellbeing and unlock that work/life balance.

    Here’s a full overview of the sessions taking place over the two days:

    Tuesday 25 February

    Silencing Your Inner Critic – Amy Gallagher

    We all have an inner critic. For some, it’s louder than others. For all, it’s that constant whisper in your ear telling you you’re not good enough. Our inner critic stops us from taking risks, stifles our creativity, prevents us from trying new things and feeds self-doubt.

    Come and find out who your inner critic is, how to silence them and how to make them your friend rather than your foe.

    Unleash Your True Potential with Goal Mapping – Brian Mayne

    Learning how to set and achieve goals is a priority life-skill that helps to be at our best in whatever task, activity, or area of life we choose to focus on. Progressing your career, managing your time effectively, or gaining greater life balance; all require the art of effective goal setting.  

    At the Goal Mapping presentation you will:

    • Learn the simple science of positive thinking and whole-brain activation
    • Understand how to programme your subconscious autopilot for success
    • Discover the 7 Stets for creating your Goal Map in words and pictures

    Vibrant Energy with Nutrition – Kate Cook

    Kate sorts through the confusion around food, and where this confusion comes from:  From Marketing to corrupted science- no wonder we are confused!

    ·  Getting clarity about the rules of food

    ·  Understanding the mechanism of energy

    ·  First steps to changing the diet outlined

    ·  Getting maximum energy from food and nutrition

    ·  Zinc Taste test with discussion

    The session incorporates all the latest science, but is practical, upbeat, inspirational, and entertaining.

    Celebrate Yourself Today & Create The You of Tomorrow – Lorna Dunning & Sarah Powell

    Join personal development leader and mindset coach, Lorna Dunning and the founder of Celebrate Yourself, Sarah Powell for a discussion about wellbeing, what it means and how we can implement it day to day when we feel overstretched, overwhelmed and overbusy.  

    Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy and we look forward to sharing ideas that will help you implement improvements in all three areas.

    Informed by your questions and through their own understanding of the workplace as well as personal experiences with anxiety, mindfulness and stress management, Lorna and Sarah will explore the pressures of a modern workplace and share what has worked for them.  This panel discussion will leave you with practical steps you can take to take care of yourself at work and at home.

    How To Balance Your Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies – Amy Gallagher

    We all have feminine energy and masculine energy within us regardless of gender. We need a balance of feminine and masculine energies in order for us to be whole.

    Our feminine energy represents our intuition, our ability to go with the flow, to be nurturing, compassionate and wise. It’s the part of us that is empathic, heart-centred and inwards-focused.

    Our masculine energy represents action, doing, achieving, motivation, determination, strength, being logical and outwards-focused. In this interactive session we will look at how balanced/imbalanced you are in these energies and the reasons why we suppress or ignore certain aspects of ourselves.

    Wednesday 26 February

    Health Hacks For A Busy Schedule – Chris Pinner

    75% of people skip meals and avoid the gym because they are “too busy”. How can you weave healthy living into your lifestyle and working day? In this session, with Innerfit founder and Personal Trainer Chris Pinner, you will learn 10 health hacks to help you get more movement into your day, eat healthily at work and at home, manage your mindset and motivation

    Biophilia in the workplace: How a greener office can impact staff wellbeing – William Braid, Plant Designs

    Biophilia, or the human connection to nature, is a well-documented phenomenon that shows that plants can have a huge impact on human beings, psychologically and physically. As well as reducing stress and improving focus, plants simply create a more positive place to work – that’s why the WELL Building Standard recommends that 1% of indoor office floor space be covered with plants. This session will show you how making your workplace more green can positively impact your staff’s wellbeing.

    Burnout Is Not The Price You Have To Pay For Success – Aimee Browne, The Mindful Assistant

    Aimee talks from her experience of seemingly having it ‘all together’ on the surface to having a severe burnout.  How she walked away from control, perfectionism and glorifying busy to create a healthier mindset, habits and boundaries and created amazing success for herself in just 10 months.  Aimee shares her story, her strategies and hopes to inspire you to go from surviving to thriving.

    The Imperfect PA: A Celebration of Being Authentic In The Workplace – Amy Gallagher

    Do you worry too much about what others think of you? Have you noticed you hide/alter/manipulate parts of your personality to fit in, to seek approval or to avoid disapproval?

    Being authentic is no easy feat and most of us struggle with embracing our true selves, including our imperfections.
    How about celebrating these imperfections, those bits that make us unique, real, human, vulnerable and approachable?

    This session will give you an insight in to some of the reasons why we struggle to be authentic and give you the license to celebrate being imperfectly perfect.

    How Colour Can Affect Your Wellbeing & Success – Helen Venables

    Whether we like it or not, our appearance has a powerful effect on how the world sees us.  But colour itself also affects not only how we look, but also our confidence and mood. 

    By wearing the colours and styles that suit you, you can influence your mood as well as the outcome of that day.  If you are wearing the right colours in business and in your personal life, you will be more memorable, look brighter and healthier, be more visible and will feel more confident. 

    Wearing colours where you look your best is key to developing your own personal brand and making you feel like you.

    Join us!

    PLUS, PA Life Club Members will receive 30% off all seminar sessionsSimply login to your account to grab the code.

    And then book your place here: https://pa-show-2020.reg.buzz/website

    Places are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment!

    Don’t forget to visit us in the main PA Show expo at stand D03P!

    Not a PA Life Club Member? Contact Ronni Rowe on 01992 374068 / r.rowe@forumevents.co.uk to find out more.

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