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      Do you drink coffee or tea? Your choice defines you as a person, apparently

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      If you’re a creative, introverted morning person, then odds are you prefer coffee over tea.

      A study of 2,000 Americans examined the personality differences in people based on their morning beverage of choice: coffee or tea.

      You’d expect coffee fans to be the buzzy, loud ones up at all hours; however, the results found that tea drinkers are more likely to be extroverted, adventurous night owls.

      The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Chinet brand, revealed that the average coffee drinker typically downs 3.4 cups a day, while tea fans sip through 2.7 cups.

      All that caffeine appeared to have an impact on sleep cycles, seeing as coffee drinkers were found to be more likely to be “light” sleepers.

      Over half (57 percent) of tea drinkers were self-described “average” sleepers.

      If coffee drinkers are light sleepers then it might be what’s helping them hear their first alarm and be punctual. Coffee fans are more likely to say they’re “always” on time.

      The coffee versus tea debate even spanned into entertainment. Tea drinkers were more likely to enjoy “The Walking Dead,” “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory” on TV, while coffee fans preferred “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Office” and “Seinfeld.”

      Music tastes varied between the two groups as well. Respondents that go for coffee like listening to punk, rock, blues and jazz.

      Fans of tea love to put on a little classical, country, pop or hip-hop/rap.

      When it comes to what goes in the hot drink of choice, coffee lovers are 96 percent more likely than tea drinkers to enjoy their brew straight.

      Tea fans were 35 percent more likely to have a sweet tooth and add sugar to their drinks.

      Coffee drinkers were pretty straight up when it came to why they prefer the beverage. They were 41 percent more likely to choose a steamy cup of joe because of its caffeine quantity.

      Caffeine turned out to be the main reason for deterring those who prefer tea, seeing as 37 percent said “too much caffeine” was the coffee turnoff.

      A little morning tea just doesn’t do it for coffee connoisseurs because over a third find tea to be “too boring.”

      That all important caffeine buzz was a serious highlight for coffee lovers since four in 10 described themselves as “in need of caffeine” first thing in the morning.

      More likely to choose their preferred drink because of the caffeine quantity
      Average daily cups: 3.39
      More likely to enjoy their beverage straight
      Don’t like tea because “it’s too boring”
      “In need of caffeine” describes coffee drinkers in the morning
      More likely to be introverts
      More likely to be morning people
      More likely to prefer dogs
      More likely to self-identify as “messy”
      More likely to be “light” sleepers
      TV shows: “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Office” and “Seinfeld”
      More likely to have five or more close friends than tea drinkers
      More likely to “always” be on time
      More likely to be single
      Music: punk, rock, blues and jazz

      Average daily cups: 2.69
      More likely to take sugar in their drink
      Don’t like coffee because of “too much caffeine”
      “Quiet” describes tea drinkers in the morning
      More likely to be extroverts
      More likely to be ambiverts than coffee drinkers
      More likely to be considered night people
      More likely to prefer cats over coffee people
      More likely to be “tidy” or “perfectly clean”
      More likely to be “average” sleepers (57 percent)
      TV shows: “The Walking Dead,” “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory”
      “Often” on time (40 percent)
      More likely to be in a relationship
      Music: classical, country, pop and hip-hop/rap

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