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    REVEALED: The top 30 things Brits love most about their offices

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    A survey of 1,750 office workers revealed four in 10 are ‘thrilled’ to return to their place of work after spending much – or even all – of the pandemic working from home. A quarter are simply pleased to have a printer they can use, while one in 10 have been longing for someone else […]

    FUN FACT: Fewer Brits wash their hands than before the pandemic…

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    Research released by Initial Washroom Hygiene has found that fewer people wash their hands after visiting a public washroom now, than in 2018. Today’s findings come in spite of a government public information campaign that focused on handwashing to help prevent and slow the spread of Coronavirus throughout the pandemic. Just two thirds (66%) of […]

    Top 20 most annoying things about being back in the office

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    As millions have returned to their workplaces, a new nationwide poll has revealed the things which are already driving us crazy about being back. And top of the list was the deeply unfair act of someone else taking credit for your idea (37 percent), with the heinous act of nicking a colleague’s lunch from the […]

    How office design can affect productivity and spark creativity

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    Office spaces have a huge impact on both the productivity and creativity of employees. In fact, research has shown that the design and layout of the work environment are crucial in sparking inspiration and this translates into quality of work. So, the experts at PPL PRS have simply explained how to utilise office design to […]

    81% of younger workers fear loneliness from long-term home working

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    New research from Chargifi reveals that since working from home, Gen Z and Millenials feel disproportionately isolated, and say it is negatively impacting their ability to build and develop relationships at work – and potentially harming their career progress. The survey of 2,000 US and UK office workers found that over two-thirds of workers aged […]

    How precious are you about your office coffee?

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    A study of 2,000 adults found just under half would rather go thirsty and tired than let someone else make their coffee as they like it “just so”. It emerged 27 per cent are concerned others would make their drink too watery, one quarter worry it will be too strong and 14 per cent are […]

    Office return ‘not enough’ for good social wellbeing

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    Experts from Tictrac say enabling consistent and meaningful interactions are still vital as employees return to the office, as physical proximity alone cannot foster significant social wellbeing. It comes as data from Aon found that less than 3 in ten employers (27%) say that virtual or remote working is a barrier to improving social wellbeing. The research […]

    61% of offices don’t permit music – Does yours?

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    The office playlist can often lead to a heated debate. While some employees prefer to listen to music to get them through their 9-5, others wish to work in utter silence. But, according to new research1, over half (54%) of workers do favour music in the office. As many offices across the UK prepare to […]

    Employee backlash predicted for 80% of businesses post-Freedom Day

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    80% of UK office workers could fight back against short sighted bosses who are not planning future place of work options or not preparing effectively for flexible working after Freedom Day (today, July 19th). That’s according to research from the UK’s largest online venue booking platform VenueScanner, based on survey responses from 1000 office workers, revealed […]

    FREEDOM DAY: UK workers ‘hesitant’ to return to the office

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    Research commissioned by Chargifi has today revealed that despite restrictions being lifted, office workers in the UK are resistant to a full-time office return. The survey of 1,500 UK and US office workers found that over half of British workers (55%) still expect to spend fewer days in the office per week, with more than […]