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    Event organisers: ‘We need to be less stressed’

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    A survey of delegates attending De-Stress Fest, the event industry’s first free well-being festival, has seen 100% of respondents say they want employers to do more to make their work less stressful.

    80% of delegates who attended the event at The Royal Horticultural Halls in May acknowledged that the job itself had become more stressful in the last five years, with some saying that their workload had doubled.

    When asked about the kind of wellness initiatives they’d like to see in the workplace there were a wide range of responses to aid mental and physical well-being including taking the Stress Matters pledge, talk therapy, meditation, re-balancing, massage, yoga, workshops and Access Bars which ‘de-frags’ the brain.

    75% took away useful tips from the festival to help them de-stress at work and home, with 25% recognising the need to take a break to re-energise body and mind to be more productive in the long run. Breathing techniques were also a big hit as were re-balancing and posture re-alignment.

    Lorraine Thorne, Venue Sales Manager, said: “I’m glad De-Stress Fest served people well, and many took something valuable away with them. The survey also showed that there is a need for events like this and everyone wants De-Stress Fest to happen next year. We are currently in discussion, so watch this space.”

    “Throughout the Royal Horticultural Society we now have Wellbeing Champions who can point staff to the appropriate person to help their situation. We are also promoting walking at lunchtime and we will be offering yoga, massage and meditation in the near future.”

    Laura Capell-Abra of Stress Matters said: “It’s no surprise that organisers are desperate for their employers to recognise their plight, however it’s not asking the impossible. By taking time out to hear their needs and give them tools such as going on our Mental Health First Aider Workshops, employers will be able to put systems in place to avoid stress getting out of control, thereby achieving a happier and more productive work force.”

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