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    Mike Sherrard is the exhibition director for The PA Show, amongst other events, at Mash Media. PA Life spoke to him about what PAs and EAs can look forward to this week…

    Tell us about the PA Show 2020  

    The PA Show is the largest show of its kind within the UK, targeting the secretarial profession with a focus on personal development, training and an extensive array of exhibiting partners who all tie into what it means to be a PA in the modern age.

    Talk us through the various conference streams.

    We have seven streams at this year’s event. The Wellness theatre is a brand-new initiative, programmed and sponsored by PA Life!

    There are theatres for Key Skills, Personal Development, Evolution and Event Management, plus a full day programmed by PA Assist dedicated to the VA community.

    Finally, we have our Keynote Theatre – and we some big names speaking here; Vanessa Vallely OBE, Corrine Hoisington, Andrea Macarie and Kerrie Ellis as examples, covering motivation, inspiration and image topics.

    We also have two panels embracing celebrity and corporate PAs. Our audience will be able to learn from those who look after Rachel Weisz, Julian Clary and the personal affairs for Mark and Howard from Take That. There are also contributions from the Odeon, Microsoft, the MoD and the House of Commons.

    What would you say are the biggest issues facing PAs and EAs in 2020?

    Speed of change in the working environment, which involves an increase in responsibilities in both volume and variety.

    How many PAs and EAs are you expecting to attend?

    Last year we attracted over 4600 visitors. This year our registrations are currently running at a 48 per cent increase.

    What exhibitors should we expect?

    We have over 100 exhibitors to date and the show is still growing. Exhibitors are drawn from the services PAs would expect, along with many they wouldn’t.

    Tell us about Omyague.

    This is a special feature area of the event offering 20 top quality British, French and international brands showcasing their unique and stylish business and bespoke gifts. The offer is gift ideas at B2B prices that could not be secured anywhere else.

    How much will it cost to attend the conference sessions?

    The sessions in the Keynote theatre are free of charge. For all other sessions, there is a charge which is on a sliding scale dependent on how many sessions are booked. So, should you book 10 sessions over the two days, costs would be £17 per session.

    The full programme, along with costings, can be found at the show website: www.thepashow.com

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