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      Everything you need to know about MeetingPackage.com

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      MeetingPackage.com, a site for booking all-inclusive meeting packages and meeting rooms for offsite meetings & events, is the only service to standardise meeting packages of Half-Day, Full-Day, Overnight or 2 Days for a side-by-side price comparison and live online booking. Corporate clients can add their negotiated rates with preferred hotels and get real-time reporting of their meeting spend.

      Founded in Finland in 2014, MeetingPackage.com operates Globally and offers more than 250 000 meeting rooms in 91 countries. The UK operation was launched in June 2016 and already the UK represents a significant portion of MeetingPackage.com’s traffic.

      “The UK is one of the biggest and most mature markets for meetings, so demand for our unique service is greater there than anywhere else in Europe,” said MeetingPackage.com Founder and CEO Joonas Ahola. “Companies have been able to book day-to-day travel online for years. But until now, they haven’t had an online tool to search, book and manage the offsite meeting room bookings.

      “With MeetingPackage.com meeting bookers have the possibility to manage their bookings in real time while capturing all the data of the bookings. We want the companies and its bookers to use one easy-to-use tool when it comes to finding the perfect places for the offsite meetings and events.“

      The main goal for MeetingPackage.com is to save time & money from the booking process of the customer. Each individual booking is on average saving a total of 15 hours of time when compared to the traditional RFP model. It has been typical for a customer to make multiple RFP’s when placing a single meeting room booking. For meeting venues the industry’s typical hit rate from RFPs to confirmed bookings has been below 15%. The venues that are contracted with MeetingPackage.com also with visible prices online, achieve a confirmation rate as high as 75-80%. Therefore, MeetingPackage.com is on a mission to reduce the amount of enquiries which are killing the industry.

      With various filtering options MeetingPackage.com has made it easy for the customers to find the most relevant and suitable venue to meet their needs. The meeting room and venue hire specialists are always just one click away through the chat when using MeetingPackage.com.

      “Although MeetingPackage.com is mostly used for small and medium sized events with an average of 28 delegates, it has also been used to book events as high as 1400 delegates. MeetingPackage.com has proven that the service can accommodate larger events also, says Mr. Ahola”.

      All-inclusive online booking with MeetingPackage.com offers major benefits for corporate buyers, meeting bookers and meeting venues alike:

      Companies – Savings, simplicity and security. Real-time expense reporting, no set-up costs and lowest prices available; negotiated corporate rates can be uploaded to the system

       Bookers – Easy to compare all options side by side, live booking and online booking management

       Join the MeetingPackage.com Reward Program

       Receive a £15 Amazon gift card for your first confirmed booking made through MeetingPackage.com Book and confirm 4 more meetings or events from MeetingPackage.com and get a hotel voucher once the fifth meeting or event has taken place. For more information visit the MeetingPackage.com website.

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