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Experts solve what a splash of milk really means

Researchers have determined how much a splash of milk really is when making a cup of tea.

A study of 2,000 UK adults found that a splash is exactly five ml, which is precisely four fifths of a teaspoon.

A splash of milk should not be confused with a drop though, which equates to six ml, while a splash could also be considered the same as a drop.

Experts also discovered that almost half of respondents feel pressure when making the tea round at work in case they make a disappointing cuppa.

Almost four in ten have even received complaints that their brew wasn’t up to scratch.

“Milk is often at the centre of the debate – how much is required to achieve that perfect caramel shade and how on earth do you distinguish between what a ‘splash’ and a ‘drop’ means,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Dairy-Related Scrumptious Affairs (DDRSA), who commissioned the research.

“When it comes to tea making for others, we often bottle it, and are divided by what the ‘perfect cuppa’ looks like.”

More than one third revealed that they find it tricky to keep up with everyone’s tea preferences, with 21 per cent citing that they have deliberately made a bad tea for others so they wouldn’t be asked to do the tea round again.

Meanwhile, one in ten said that they simply don’t drink tea or coffee at work to avoid being part of a tea round.

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