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Feeling under weather? Have a couple of eggs for breakfast!

Research from China suggests that adding a couple of eggs into your daily diet will ehlp to keep the doctor away – and is particularly useful in the fight against heart disease and strokes.

The data, which came from a study of 500,000 people published in the journal Heart, readdresses some of the misconceptions held against eggs when it comes to health benefits.

To cut through the medical mumbo jumbo, the study concludes that: “Among Chinese adults, a moderate level of egg consumption (up to <1 egg/day) was significantly associated with lower risk of CVD, largely independent of other risk factors.”

The BBC has followed up with some boffins who, having read the report, agree that “One – even two – a day is absolutely fine,” with nothing to fear from eating too many of them (as part of balanced diet).

What’s even more amazing is that we’ve managed to get through writing this article without cracking any egg jokes.