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      Five reasons why you should outsource your travel requirements to an experienced management company

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      We caught up with Winged Boots, personalised travel management agency, to pick the team’s brains on why outsourcing your travel requirements is actually cheaper than booking online

      Organising travel is a lot like cooking… we can all do it, but few can do it well. It takes practise to perfect; mistakes are easily made, and one wrong move can totally mess up the final result. So why do we struggle at our desks when there are professionals ready to assist? Experts who know their way around extra baggage charts, can spout off all the lingo and airport codes without a breath, and – most importantly – can work with you to create a flawless itinerary your boss is going to love.

      But all this expert knowledge has to come at a price, right? Actually, you’re wrong. Professional travel management agencies have access to preferential fares, competitive pricing and direct contracts with leading airlines and hotel chains so your stress-free planning can actually save you money as well as time; the most precious commodity of all. 

      Discover more reasons why you should consider outsourcing your corporate travel requirements to Winged Boots, a personalised travel management agency, below:

      1. It can save you time (and money)

      Why spend hours trawling price comparison sites when Winged Boots’ personal travel managers (who all hold a minimum of six-years’ experience) have all the tools and knowledge to offer you the best deal, and fast? What’s more, Winged Boots has spent years building trusted relationships with the world’s leading travel suppliers across hotels, airlines, car rentals and transfers, and has access to preferential fares and rates so you’re likely to receive a price that you wouldn’t have access to on a price comparison website.

      2. You can hold flights without financial commitment

      With Winged Boots you can hold flight seats without financial commitment up until five-weeks before travel and cancel without incurring any fees*. This means you can take advantasge of early-bird flight offers but if the schedule changes, you have more flexibility to amend your plans – completely risk free.

      3. Your travel is protected

      It goes without saying that every booking is financially covered by ATOL and fully bonded by the TTA, the two leading governing bodies of the travel industry. Whether you’re booking flight-only travel, a overnight hotel stay or a two-week multi-stop itinerary for 20 people, you can rest assured that every booking is covered.

      4. You receive out of hours support

      Every customer is assigned a dedicated personal travel manager who is available via direct dial, email and even WhatsApp to assist with all your travel plans. They’ll also assist with VISA applications, apply airmiles to relevant accounts, book specific flight seats and check you in before travel. 

      5. You’re still in control

      Just because you’re outsourcing your travel needs to an experienced personal travel manager doesn’t mean you’re any less in the driving seat. On the contrary, you’ll work with your dedicated account holder to work out the best option for you and your company without having to do any of the hard work. 

      To book or for more information on how Winged Boots can benefit your business, contact the team on info@wingedboots.co.uk or call the team of expert personal travel managers on 0203 816 0985

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      *Excludes low cost airlines.

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