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Fox Agency highlights the importance of fitness at work

Fox Agency is challenging other businesses to keep fit at work

Fox Agency is challenging agencies and businesses across the nation to do more to improve their workforce’s fitness, after seeing the success of its free personal trainer sessions.

Eighteen months ago, the B2B marketing agency decided that the stockpiles of cakes and biscuits adorning the office coffee tables needed to be banished and instead in came training sessions with a personal trainer in the park.

Take up was initially slow, but now 90% of the office participates and all are seeing the benefits by feeling healthier, more alert and far more energised. Many have also gone on to participate in regular personal activities including football, gym sessions, running, weights and yoga.

The staff at Fox run to and from the local park for their sessions with Personal Trainer Danny Sroda, where they perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

All of the team’s fitness levels have increased massively since embarking on this initiative.  As an example, Creative Director Nelson McConnell has gone from 78 press-ups in five minutes to 109. Co-founder Al Fox went from 30 burpees in five minutes to 53 in three. Meanwhile, Designer Neil Roebuck has gone from a rather difficult few sit-ups to performing 61 in three minutes.

Nelson McConnell, Director at Fox Agency says: “Our trainer has done a great job of motivating the team; everyone is feeling fitter and looking healthier. I don’t think the foxes would dream of switching back to the old days of cake and biscuits. We’re more about the protein shakes now!”

Danny Sroda, Lead Trainer at Reach Fitness says: “The foxes are really enthusiastic about their sessions and get seriously competitive. I see some of the team for extra PT sessions, but even with the single group session each week the way we train means they’re getting a better workout than some people who visit the gym three or four times a week for a casual workout”.

The agency is now challenging other agencies and businesses to follow suit and provide free training sessions to their employees. And of course, should any companies want to challenge Fox to a ‘burpee-off’ or HIIT challenge, they’re more than game.