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Friday fun: crazy things you do when you work from home

The crazy things you do when you work from home

Working from home is an experience meant only for the strong-willed. One day here and there is usually fine for most, but when it starts stretching into days and weeks, some people can’t handle the isolation and productivity goes out the window. Metro recently summed up some of the crazy things people do as a result.

The hilarious list features such classics as talking to yourself, singing out loud and speaking in funny accents. Cabin fever does really strange things to the mind, so some people might find themselves typing in time to their music, rearranging their desks and homes, doing strange stretches and becoming obsessed with the world outside their windows.

If you’re not wearing something that’s not technically an item of clothing, you’ve probably dressed up for no real reason. And thanks to the isolation, a phone call becomes the most important thing in the world and seeing friends in the evening is simultaneously the best event of your day and terrifying because you don’t know how to explain what you’ve done for the past eight hours.

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