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Friday fun: expert says you need to nap at work

Employees admit to catching up on sleep at the office

Fiona Kerr, a neural specialist from the University of Adelaide has gone on the books to say we should all take afternoon naps, even if we’re at work. Office workers around the world are rejoicing.

Kerr says power naps of around 15-30 minutes can improve functionality, increasing alertness, memory, cognition and mood. Research shows short sleeps act much like the cleaning function on your inbox, helping your brain store, retain and recall information faster and more effectively, Kerr told the Daily Mail.

However, it’s important to keep nap length under control, as anything above 30 minutes makes your brain go into REM cycle, which is more difficult to wake up from and can lead to fogginess.

To make the most out of a snooze, Kerr suggests finding a quiet, dark place where you can avoid as much stimulus as possible. Even if you can’t get to sleep, try to relax for 20 minutes and concentrate on your breathing to go back to work feeling refreshed.

But how can you take a nap if your company is strongly against it? The clever cogs at WikiHow came up with these five methods for catching some Zs while looking busy to your colleagues.

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