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Friday fun: tales of dumb colleagues

A new survey finds senior business leaders are unequipped to manage and develop people

Have you ever had that colleague who spouts the dimmest comments now and then? While they’re usually the sweetest person in the office, you can’t help by wonder how they survive sometimes. AOL recently gathered stories from around the world to illustrate the magic of dumb colleagues.

In a great introduction to the world of dimwits, one worker said a colleague who could only remember the alphabet if she sang the song out loud, which she did for every letter as she was filing paperwork. That’s not annoying, is it?

Fax machines may be on the way out, but that’s no excuse for the co-worker who asked somebody to re-send a faxed form because it came out of the machine upside down. How about the one who couldn’t grasp the concept that a fax doesn’t physically send the original copy to the recipient.

Geography lessons obviously didn’t sink in for some; one woman believed she would walk to the US from the UK because the ocean ‘isn’t that deep’, while another asked whether China is in the US or Canada. How about the colleague who thought Portuguese people must come from Africa because Portugal is the capital of Spain?

Science is a tough subject, but some things should be common sense. However, somebody’s colleague asked if she bought the wrong balloons because they weren’t floating after blowing them up with her mouth. Believe what you will about the famous moon landing, but one man’s reason for believing it was faked is “I’ve watched the videos. How can there be shadows on the moon? There’s no gravity!”

At the end of the day, as long as these colleagues aren’t hurting anybody, we can all have a laugh about their blissful ignorance. But if you’re like one business owner who had an office manager who believed her position meant she owned the company and could fire anybody she pleased, that’s another story.

Do you have funny anecdotes about dumb colleagues? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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