Fruitful get the team together online whilst working from home

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From interactive celebrity cookery courses through to magic-filled Christmas parties, creative content specialist Fruitful reveal how they are successfully helping businesses to build team morale online while employees continue to ‘WFH’.

Working from home has quickly become the new normal. The office buzz that helped build team spirit has been replaced by the humming of the fridge as kitchen tables up and down the country are commandeered each morning and made into makeshift workstations.

Gone are those friendship-making watercooler moments and with them, the opportunities to build team morale and camaraderie as well as the face-to-face time to look after the wellbeing of employees.

Fruitful has spent over a decade creating interactive and engaging team activities for clients including Google, EDF and Salesforce. Now they are gearing up to providing fantastic online Christmas experiences for businesses across the globe.

From virtual reality murder mystery events with live actors that allow wannabe Poirots and Jessica Fletchers to collaborate in teams to work out whodunnit, through to having a box of ingredients delivered to the front door of a company’s staff so they can together take part in online cookery classes with a celebrity chef, Fruitful is creating experiences that are helping businesses to lift team spirit and reward their employees from afar.

There is also plenty of fun to be had in live virtual terrarium making courses and art classes as well as drinks to be swilled, sniffed and sipped in online wine tasting sessions. And Fruitful is proud to provide a range of wellbeing workshop activities for teams and individuals too.

WFH is undoubtedly the most over-used abbreviation of 2020. But while this new normal continues to keep workforces apart, Fruitful will be there to ensure that employees of businesses big and small can gather together online and remain inspired, engaged and better connected than ever before.

Kimberley Binns, Senior Event Manager at Salesforce, says: “The team loved their interactive Fruitful experience – especially when the ‘big box’ arrived – it was like Christmas morning!”

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