Happy workplaces are more successful, reveals study

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Keeping up employee morale in the workplace can help to improve how effective and productive employees are in their role.

A survey of 1,024 UK workers by One4all Rewards revealed that 39 per cent would work harder if they were happy in their current place of work.

The research proved that happiness goes a long way, with almost a third citing they would be more willing to work overtime for longer when they are happy.

39% also stated that their happiness impacts their performance at work, meaning employee productivity and results would also see a difference from a happy workforce.

“It’s clear from the research the sheer impact a happy workforce can have on a business’ success. A large number of UK workers are willing to work harder, increase productivity and their results, if they are happy and indeed their work can suffer if they are not,” said Alan Smith, UK MD at One4all Rewards.

So, how can businesses boot happiness in the workplace? According to the study, awarding a pay rise would make a huge difference, while being thanked for their job or given token gestures such as gift cards would boost morale.

Smith added: “It’s important that UK business leaders regularly take stock of morale within their organisations and make an effort to improve it where necessary. Ensuring staff are happy in their roles and willing to work hard for the business can go a long way to help it succeed. Bosses shouldn’t just assume that if they have low staff turnover they have a happy workforce.”

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