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      How modern tech has saved us time

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      Internet banking, portable battery chargers and email are just some of the ways that modern tech has saved us both time and energy, but what other top tech creations have helped save us time?

      Modern technology is saving Brits the equivalent of two weeks every year – or almost two and a half years of the average adult lifetime, a study has found.

      A poll of 2,000 adults found the likes of self-service checkouts, internet shopping or banking and mobile traffic updates are saving Brits around six and a half hours a week.

      Mobile devices alone are saving users around an hour per week in getting around, by helping us navigate more efficiently, giving traffic updates, and allowing us to check bus and train times. Time spent in the bank has decreased by 40 minutes per week in the last decade, as mobile and online banking has taken off.

      Email and social media are also among the top modern time-saving conveniences.

      Katie Steckles, mathematician working in conjunction with Deichmann Shoes, calculated the amount of time technology is saving the nation, by analysing how long is spent in today’s world on everyday processes such as shopping, banking and checking-in for a flight.

      She revealed that with the average adult saving around six and a half hours a week, this means the UK population as a whole could be saving a staggering 459 million hours a week or nearly 24 billion hours a year.

      Simon Wilson, head of buying at Deichmann, added: “Life has become busier than ever and we are constantly trying to find ways to save time. We love nothing more than a time-saving hack with people using social media and the internet to find the best ways to boost the spare time they have.

      “Unfortunately, we all have life admin and tasks which while we might not want to do them, they need to be done, so making sure we do them in the most efficient way is important.”

      The study found the average adult estimates internet banking saves them around 21 minutes a week, while online food shopping frees up another 23 minutes. Ready meals also save around 21 minutes a week and sat navs give people an extra 19 minutes a week by allowing them to avoid traffic jams.

      Self-service checkouts, online bus and train timetables and contactless payments also save more than 10 minutes a week each.

      The study also found 45 per cent of adults believe they have more time in recent years thanks to modern conveniences. Watching TV is the most popular way to spend any free time followed by reading books, listening to music and walking.

      Top 20 best modern conveniences
      1. Internet banking
      2. Email
      3. Microwaves
      4. Online clothes shopping
      5. A mobile phone
      6. Online grocery/food shopping
      7. TV remote controls
      8. Laptops
      9. Mobile banking
      10. Self-service checkouts
      11. Ready meals
      12. Sat-navs
      13. Contactless payments
      14. Online check-in for airports
      15. Pay-at-pump petrol stations
      16. Electric/power tools
      17. Apps
      18. Streaming movies
      19. Online bus/train checkers
      20. Portable batteries for recharging

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