How to ensure your office shredder is compliant with GDPR

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With GDPR here, businesses cannot afford to take risks with personal data and confidential information. Darryl Brunt, country head for Fellowes UK and Ireland, reveals how you can select the right shredder to dispose of sensitive information in the office.

Why shred?
Every organisation has a legal responsibility to safeguard sensitive information and dispose of confidential material securely. A discarded bank statement, a snippet of payroll information or a crumpled customer proposal could be breaking GDPR laws. With huge financial penalties in play, it’s vital that sensitive information is disposed of correctly.

How to choose the right shredder
Selecting the best paper shredder depends on several factors, from where it will be used to how much it will be used. One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is purchasing one that doesn’t meet their needs. For example, purchasing a personal shredder when they need an office machine for bigger jobs. For security needs, a micro-cut shredder is best to destroy confidential information and for a greater peace of mind.

“Shredding documents will put your own mind at ease and means you follow the EU GDPR laws.”

What features do you require?
A paper shredder with anti-jam technologies can help prevent the number one frustration among users. Look for 100 per cent Jam Proof, Jam Blocker and a Jam Guard System.

Meanwhile, there are three security levels to look for including: strip cut, cross-cut and micro-cut. The security level determines how many strips/particles a sheet will be shredded into. A strip cut shredder is great but it is recommended to shred with at least a cross-cut shredder, which will shred each A4 sheet of paper into as many as 410 particles.

Safety features to look for when choosing a shredder include SafeSense Technology, this stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. A Safety Lock feature disables the shredder when shredding.

You should also look out for the shredder capacity. This depends on the usage, different sheet capacities and run times that help you get the job done. For example, commercial grade shredders are ideal for large offices with multiple users.

Persons or organisations that collect and manage personal information must protect it from misuse and respect the rights of the data owner. Shredding documents will put your own mind at ease and means you follow the EU GDPR laws.


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