• How to get job interview feedback

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    Being told you aren’t the ‘right fit’, the business has chosen a ‘different direction’ or that you just aren’t the right person ‘at this time’ can be crushing after you’ve spent the time and braced yourself for your job interview, but it isn’t the end of the world.

    The key to success is to think of an unsuccessful job interview as less of a missed opportunity and more as practice for your next interview, according to recruitment specialist CV Library, who has compiled its top tips for asking for feedback after the interview.

    If you receive a call saying you were unsuccessful following your interview, you could ask them there and then while you have the recruiter on the phone with you. However, if you end up speaking with someone else or not getting a phone call at all, waiting a few days and asking for feedback via email can lead to a more in-depth analysis of your performance, as it gives the recruiter time to reflect rather than being put on the spot.

    Try not to avoid bringing up your own disappointment; instead just professionally enquire into your own performance and see if your interviewer can identify any areas for improvement in your technique, appearance, or mannerisms. It’s important not to be emotionally charged or aggressive when asking for advice, and always remember that if you don’t appear professional or polite, your interviewer always has the right to withhold any criticism.

    It’s important to take any and all criticism on board, especially if you don’t agree with it. Remember that the criticism represents another person’s viewpoint, and if it drastically differs from your own, you may need to reassess how you’re perceived by others. Don’t take offence or reject the advice, and if it just boils down to a difference in opinion, then that’s important too.

    Asking for feedback shows maturity and commitment in a potential employee, and even if the interview didn’t go to plan, leaving things on a pleasant note will keep you in the recruiter’s mind when looking for employees in the future; so stay calm, be respectful and you never know what the future may bring.

    Interviews aren’t always face-to-face, so make sure to be prepared if you’re asked to do a Skype interview too. How do you prepare for an interview? Share your tips with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.