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How to know if you had a good job interview

Walking out on an interview doesn’t always leave you with a sense of certainty. Outside of the recruiter giving you a sly smile or declaring you hired on the spot, it can be hard to judge how an interviewer is feeling when it comes to bringing you into their company without asking for feedback. Fortunately, the specialists at CV Library have come up with some of the best telltale signs that prove the interview went well.

You run over
Expecting a five minute interview and you’ve been talking for 15 minutes? Recruiters are usually running to a pretty strict schedule so if you find yourself chatting for longer than expected, they could be trying to learn as much about you as possible, making the possibility of getting hired much higher.

You feel comfortable
If you find yourself talking about subjects outside of the job role, and developing banter with the interviewer, this will go a long way in keeping you at the front of their mind when it comes to making the big decision. If you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed, odds are you’re making them ease up too, and it can help the recruiter see how you will fit in the office.

You’re in demand
Being asked about other job prospects by an interview can take you off-guard, but it’s not meant to disarm you, the recruiter is just trying to work out how quickly they need to make a decision on hiring you. If you know a second interview will be on the cards before you’ve left the building, they probably understand that they’re on a deadline.

You’re given a direct line
Many employers offer a business card at the end of an interview as common practice, but most people won’t offer you a direct line or contact to their personal email unless they’re serious about you. Check that business card and read the body language to see just how important that piece of card could be in showing the recruiter’s intentions.

You can read the full list here, and if you’re looking for more help on surviving the job interview, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.