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      How to ‘Millennial-proof’ your next event

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      The youth revolt

      What makes a Millennial? Depending on who you talk to they can range from 18 to 30 and beyond, but generally it’s accepted that age isn’t what defines a Millennial as much as it is a certain perspective and personality. Speaking at the London Summer Events Show, experts gathered to discuss the Millennial mindset: How to Millennial Proof your event, looking to help Event Organisers gain an insight into the younger generation and how to keep events relevant in an always-connected world.

      Hosted by ILEA UK, the panel presented their top tips on how to future-proof your event.

      Generate FOMO
      FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is becoming an epidemic, and organisers need to make use of this sensation if they want to stay relevant in the shifting events industry. Get attendees to take their own pictures instead of sharing your official ones, give visitors ‘gram-able’ moments that they want to share on Instagram or Snapchat. Get attendees to engage with people and interact with the venue in a way that a picture can’t do justice.

      “I want to go to an event because I want to meet people,” said The Brewery’s Victoria Bell. “Yes you can see it online, you can stream it online, but forming meaningful connections with people… that’s irreplaceable.”

      Technology isn’t everything
      Technology is a powerful tool. Everyone has a phone, everyone is connected somehow, even older attendees, and knowing how to use technology to your advantage could change the overall impact of your event. Technology isn’t the be-all and end-all however, as encouraging people to stay on their phones all day can take away from the experience right in front of them. ‘Underground’ and exclusive events have even completely banned phones in the past, keeping the events more elusive and encouraging more active engagement.

      “Remember, if it’s such a good experience, you don’t think about your phone,” said Rui Cruz Alves from TFI Group. “people are still interested in face-to-face and are enjoying the experience.”

      “There’s a real life in front of you and sometimes you forget that.”

      Millennial is mainstream
      We often still think of Millennials as a growing force on the horizon, but ‘The Millennial’ world is here and we’re living in it. By 2020, 50% of the world’s entire workforce will be the Millennial age group, the world is connected and you need to listen and learn from your changing surroundings. Odds are, even if you don’t realise it, you’re probably a Millennial too.

      “When you talk about millennials the first thing you do is talk about social media,” said Elena Clowes, Unicorn Events. “There are just more ways for us to be vein, there are more ways for us to show our opinions, but we’re exactly the same as everyone else.”

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