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How to thrive at work

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Last week, we published some top tips for succeeding at work. But success isn’t just about working hard and engaging. It’s important to go beyond that and truly thrive at work, according to Chris White, Managing Director at the Centre for Positive Organisations at the University of Michigan.

White says a thriving employee is “defined as one that experiences both vitality and learning at work”. In a blog post for the Huffington Post, he talks about a former student who joined a prominent organisation straight out of school and found himself hating the job less than a year later.

He says there are two practices that can help you create an environment in which you can thrive.

Invest in energising relationships
Think about your interactions at work this week and figure out which ones left you feeling energised. Try to focus on similar relationships and don’t waste your precious time on ones that sap your energy.

Positive relationships at work help to invigorate you and having a good network of people around you provides a knowledge-sharing experience. Collaboration gets you excited about contributing, so it makes sense to spend more time on these relationships.

Embrace feedback
By its very nature, feedback promotes learning. While honest feedback is sometimes hard to take, it’s an important tool for improving yourself.

Encourage your boss to have regular meetings in which you share feedback on what’s working and what’s not – and be sure there’s plenty of positive to go with the negative.

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