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How to unwind on holiday

How to unwind on holiday

There are people who leave their mobile at home when they go on holiday and those who ask for the wifi code the minute they check into the hotel. The latter are the ones who never truly relax during their time away. So here are some tips from Katie Driver at The Telegraph on how to truly unwind on holiday.

Prepare yourself
Before you go, write up a comprehensive to-do list of things that must be done – but only the things that have to be done by you; don’t be afraid to leave tasks that you can delegate to others. Set a reminder to turn on an out-of-office message that contains the details of the person taking on your duties while you’re away. When nominating that person, try to get somebody who already knows a lot about your role, such as another PA.

Prepare your colleagues
Discuss your upcoming holiday with your boss and any colleagues that need to be in the know so they can prepare themselves. In the time leading up to your departure, write out a list of what needs to be done while you’re away, along with any instructions the person taking over might need. It might help to have a meeting with that person and your boss to make sure they have everything they need to cover your role.

Get ready to return
Often the hardest part of going away is actually coming back; there will no doubt be hundreds of emails to sift through and requests that couldn’t be done by your replacement. Ask your boss or colleagues to prepare a quick report on everything that happened in your absence so you don’t have to play catch-up as you’re working through your returning to-do list.

Set clear boundaries
Be absolutely clear on how in touch you’ll be while you’re away. Don’t agree to be in touch unless you’re prepared to do it. And if you do, set out a schedule of when you’ll check emails so you can plan to be in a wifi spot at certain times. That sets boundaries for your boss, who will likely appreciate knowing exactly when to expect a response from you. It’ll also prepare your family or friends for times when you’ll be away from the group.

Don’t fill free time with work
If you find yourself with spare time and nothing to do, don’t jump to checking in with work; this sets a precedent with your colleagues and can lead to unnecessary stress. Instead, come up with some ideas before you leave for those moments when you don’t have anything to do; read a book, complete a word puzzle, play a game – or simply spend some time thinking over problems you’re facing in your personal life. It’ll do wonders for clearing your head so you can return to work completely refreshed.

Take stock
If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time working on holiday because of a bad boss, it’s prime time to gain a new perspective on your job. Use the trip as an excuse to take stock of your situation and decide whether it’s really the right role for you, then think about how you’re going to proceed over the coming months.

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