INFOGRAPHIC: Ridiculous expense claims – how many of these have you dealt with?

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Following up on our look at software that helps you to process expense claims, research has been published highlighting then top 10 most ridiculous submissions.

Travel & expense management software provider Sales Trip worked with financial, PA and EA thought leaders to research the trend and how businesses can deal with such claims.

Here’s the full list, with testimonials from PAs, with a handy infographic below too so you can stick it on the wall of your (home) office:-

1. The High Flyer 

“My boss flew first class for two weeks without any business meetings booked in and expensed it to the company. The finance director was furious at me for booking the travel, but the company paid for it anyway.”

2. The Lazy Commuter

“My boss lived ten minutes away from work, but he expensed his cab journey to and from the office every day.”

3. An Expensive Affair

“An employee was having an affair with a customer and they were both submitting their expenses as business-related.” 

4. The Strip Club Aficionado

“An individual was frequenting strip clubs claiming it was client entertainment. Turns out he was on his own but using a company credit card.” 

5. The Imaginary Traveller

“A colleague claimed mileage for trips never made. All business was done over the phone!”

6. The Gambler

“There was one guy who withdrew hundreds from the corporate Amex card at a pub frequently – he was gambling.”

7. The John

“A (married) man spent hundreds on the corporate credit card at a company with a generic name. I later found out it was a brothel.”

8. Crisscross

“I had a colleague who would claim his expenses twice by getting two different managers to sign them off!”

9. The Musician’s Father

“My old boss was trying to put the drum kit he’d bought his son through as a company expense in addition to the Breitling watch he’d just bought…”

10. The Technology Snob

“Someone senior in my business didn’t like the standard phones issued to employees so he bought an Apple phone for himself and tried to put it through expenses.”

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