Introducing PERSY London – London’s first, pre booked, fixed fare all Electric Black Taxi APP

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PERSY London launched hot on the wheels of Boris Johnson’s announcement of the ten-point plan to make Britain greener, ensuring that by 2030 all petrol and diesel driven vehicles will be banned.

Founders Steve Walsh and Nicky Fells are serious about protecting the environment and keeping one of London’s most famous icons alive by offering a new premium fixed price electric black taxi service via a free downloadable APP.

PERSY London was founded through the adversity of a global pandemic by the two friends. Nicholas is a Black Taxi driver by trade and received his badge in 2005, so has the benefit of years of knowledge and has evolved with the trade.

Steve has spent over 25 years in Financial Services across operations and more recently in IT. Both Steve and Nick’s motivation for creating PERSY London was to provide an environmentally friendly, premium service platform and support the future of London’s iconic Black Taxi trade.

“Through extensive market research we found a gap in the market for a premium, competitive fixed price fare taxi service that is respectful to the environment and offers the best value distance fares into, across and out of London,” said Steve.

What can you expect from a PERSY London ride? PERSY London is no ordinary environmentally friendly Black Taxi service, you will feel safe in the knowledge that when you book your ride through the PERSY London APP our competitive quoted fairs are fixed and will not change no matter what time of day or night you choose to book.

The PERSY promise: The PERSY London community of certified, professional drivers will always ensure that your licensed electric 6-seater TXE carriage is clean and adheres to PERSY London’s strict hygiene standards.

“All PERSY London’s certified, professional community of drivers are considered partners, they take pride in their trade, and most importantly only drive licensed electric 6-seater TXE vehicles. We wanted to put the environment first and contribute to making London a cleaner, greener city to be enjoyed by all while travelling in style,” added Nicholas.

In a PERSY London Black Taxi passengers can always stay socially distanced, in a personal and contactless space by choosing to travel in a licensed electric 6-seater TXE vehicles. These taxis are equipped with a purpose-built partition that separates the driver and passenger compartment, easy to clean surfaces and an intercom system that allows driver and passenger to always communicate clearly, without the need to do so ‘face-to-face’.

PERSY London operates within an 80 mile radius around central London and is in the driving seat leading London’s Black Taxi evolution.

If you would like to come along for the ride please visit or download the app on Apple APP store or Google Play.

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