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    Introducing PERSY London – London’s first, pre booked, fixed fare all Electric Black Taxi APP

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    PERSY London launched hot on the wheels of Boris Johnson’s announcement of the ten-point plan to make Britain greener, ensuring that by 2030 all petrol and diesel driven vehicles will be banned. Founders Steve Walsh and Nicky Fells are serious about protecting the environment and keeping one of London’s most famous icons alive by offering a new […]

    London’s first App for all electric black taxi service

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    Launched last year, PERSY London Limited is London’s first APP for an all electric black taxi service. Dedicated to offering a high-quality professional service, all drivers are qualified with London’s “knowledge”, CRB checked and have LEVC TXE Electric six-seater taxis. PERSY London’s green credentials are in line with the LEVC TXE taxi that the drivers use (electric only), […]


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    On the surface, yes some would say that a chauffeur is just a posh way of saying driver, however, that’s not exactly true. Yes ok, a driver and a chauffeur both get you to where you need to be, but the difference between the two is more than a matter of vocabulary, it’s a matter […]

    How to select the right fleet management supplier

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    The quality of a fleet management supplier should be a priority for any PA, alongside a fair price. Here, Danielle Tilley, business development director of Venson Automotive Solutions, offers her advice in selecting the right supplier for your business. “A supplier needs to keep up with new legislation to ensure your fleet is compliant and […]

    Sustrans wants to encourage more women to cycle

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    Almost three quarters (73%) of women living in seven major UK cities never ride a bike for local journeys. Despite this, over two-thirds (68%) say their city would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled, according to ‘Women: reducing the gender gap‘, a report published today by Sustrans. The report, which […]