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Jobseekers’ interest in WFH positions explodes in 2022

Analysis of Google Search data by online salary calculator Income Tax UK has revealed a monumental shift in jobseekers’ preference in terms of their new job.

Having the leverage of a near-record-low unemployment rate, professionals are looking at combining lifestyle, family, and career, enabled by the growing popularity of full remote jobs, and four-days work-week schemes.

Remote jobs interest explodes
By analysing Google Search Trends data, Income Tax UK has found that the number of people searching for work-from-home jobs has almost doubled in early 2022, growing a remarkable 84%, when compared to 2021. Compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic, the increase is 189%.

Four-day working-week searches grow exponentially
The four-day-week is also gaining popularity among people on the hunt for their next job opportunity. Google searches for ‘4 day week jobs’ exploded a spectacular 1,011% in early 2022, when compared to 2021.

Hybrid jobs interest experienced unprecedented growth
The number of hybrid jobs – jobs that can be performed either from home or an office – also experienced stellar growth in early 2022. Online interest skyrocketed 270% in the first months of the year when combined to 2021.

Companies that are being flexible with their work schedule will have leverage and advantage, as they can reach out to a larger pool of potential candidates who are looking for a better work-life balance.

A spokesperson for Income Tax UK commented on the findings: “With seasonally adjusted total pay year-on-year growth breaking multiple all-time records in the past year, the labour market looks to favour companies willing to reward their team members with higher wages and pay more attention to their staff members’ needs.

“With the unemployment rate close to 30 years low 3.9% in the UK, firms will have to think outside the box and provide competitive salaries as well as enable a work culture and a work schedule that will suit employees’ modern lifestyle if they want to attract and retain top talent, and stand out as an employer.

“Companies that will have robust systems and processes in place to support remote working and flexible working hours will be champions of the recruitment game in the near, and most likely, distant future.”