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By Terry Farthing, Managing Director, London Jet Charter

There’s no doubt about it, it has been a challenging year for PAs and EAs, and now as we move on from the ‘Remote Working’ phase teams are coming together, some meeting face to face for the first time!

The demand to make up for lost time is high, so what better way than to travel and see as many clients as possible than in a luxury private helicopter?

Chartering a private helicopter delivers unmatched convenience and VIP service.

At London Jet Charter we will take care of each leg of your bespoke trip – with the ability to travel at high speed and arrive on time at your chosen destinations, not only is a helicopter a smart travel solution, it’s also a chance to include an element of luxury and fun into your day.

Guaranteeing a first-class and personalised experience, chartering a private helicopter is the ultimate in business travel.

Impress your clients and treat them to a VIP experience at your next event.

Take a first-class flight with us,  where you will experience excellence in service. Right from your door (or in the garden if you like) you will be picked up and you will arrive at your chosen destination, enjoying an excursion on the way if you desire. You can choose more than one destination in one day, tell us where you want to go and let us take care of all the details.

It’s safe, secure and stands you out from the crowd.

What better way to treat a prestigious client, or offer as a prize, or thank you to your team.

Whether its horse racing, fashion week, or a motorsport event, even a company offsite, arriving by helicopter ensures you arrive in style, hassle free, and ready to enjoy your event.

You are in the safe hands with our experienced, reliable and trustworthy team as your experience will be unrivalled as we provide the highest quality customer service every trip and every time you fly. We are here to help you and to make your life easier.

London Jet Charter – Helicopter Charters

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