Make your virtual Christmas party magic!

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Darren Delaney is a virtual magician and he’s expecting this Christmas season to be as busy as the last with online office parties.

“Many people are still working from home, and there’s uncertainty over the what will happen this winter”, he said. “A virtual party is a safe bet, and you can involve international teams without worrying about travel restrictions”

A virtual magic show is a great way to make your online Christmas event fun, memorable and engaging for everyone. Darren’s magic shows are interactive – he’ll read your mind even though you’re not physically in the same place. It’s like having your own personal TV magic show that you and your colleagues participate in.

In 2021, Darren performed from his home studio for audiences all over the world. “It’s not unusual to have team members based on different continents, all enjoying with the same show. It really is a great way to bring people together”.

He offers a 15, 30 or 45 minute show, and they’re suitable for both small and large teams. While Darren recommends Zoom as the best platform to use, the shows also work on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Webex.

If you want a virtual party that your colleagues remember for a long time afterwards, find out more at, email or call +44 (0) 20 3151 7551

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