Millennials dominate the workforce, but what do they want?

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Millennials outnumber the baby boomers, but how will this change the workplace?

Are Millennials overworked or lazy? This was one of the key questions recruitment company The ManpowerGroup were asked by Instant Offices as it set out to answer as they tried to work out what Millennials look for in employment.

The report aimed to find out how different they are from the rest of the workforce, which development opportunities they are motivated by, and why they choose to stay with employers. Millennials exist in a fast-paced world, and their work expectations aren’t much different, according to the study, which revealed that as a demographic they remain hopeful for the future.

Two in three remark positively about their current employment prospects, with 62% believing that should they find themselves jobless they could land on their feet within three months. 73% are currently working more than 40 hours, and around a quarter even work more than 50 hours every week as its revealed that the age group are seemingly more hard-working than the laid-back portrayal often seen in media.

When it comes to growing and progressing within their field it was found that skills, qualifications and hard graft topped priorities of younger workers, while connections and opportunities weren’t as highly regarded. As they seem to already spend so much time dedicated to their jobs already, 84% expect significant breaks during their working lives, supporting the idea that career waves are the new career ladder in earlier generations.

But not all millennials are the same – males and females differ in what they want out of life and the workplace. Women seemed to make more choices that revolved around caring for others like children, older relatives, their partners, and even to volunteer, while men were more likely to focus on themselves, according to the study. Both want to focus more on themselves and seek opportunities that allow for holidays though, with 40% planning to take significant time away from work to travel and relax.

“With millennials redefining how we view job security, businesses can learn from their move toward career security,” writes the study. “Ensuring millennials, and all other employees, get what they seek from the working journey, not their current job title.”

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