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Most exec support staff want hybrid working – new research

London-based executive support recruiter Bain and Gray has conducted a snapshot survey of attitudes to hybrid working in post-pandemic Britain, revealing that most candidates expect the continuation of some degree of home working and flexible hours, but are not prepared to accept reduced benefits in return. The majority of the survey respondents were experienced executive support staff – commanding salaries of upwards of £45,000 per annum – and the main findings are:

  • Being home-based for two days a week, was the preferred full time working scenario for over half (53%) of respondents.  A third would prefer to home-work three days a week. 10% would opt for one day at home and four days in the office.
  • Underlining this, 41% reported being more productive working from home, while a third said there had been no change to their performance.  20% found home-working to be less effective for their day-to-day roles.
  • When it comes to remuneration, two thirds (66%) would not accept a role with a reduced salary and benefits to work remotely all of the time, let alone some of the time (an overwhelming majority (78%) said no to the latter).  But a third of support staff would be prepared to consider a reduced income if they could work from home five days a week.
  • Almost half (47%) think it is essential for executive support staff to be physically present in the office at the same time as their boss or team, yet, being in the office to act as ‘the eyes and ears’ when senior managers are away is unnecessary (43%).
  • Two thirds (66%) felt that flexible start and finish times are essential to their working day, reflecting the often-unpredictable demands of an executive support role.

Tray Durrant, executive director of Bain and Gray said: “Our survey results underline that hybrid working is flourishing in the executive support sector, and that employees looking to retain full-time, office-based staff must offer a highly competitive salary packages to attract and retain candidates.”