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      Networking is essential to inspiring next generation of leaders

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      Event organisers are being urged to maximise their use of breakout sessions and networking opportunities in order to help grow their own company, and the industry at large. Research by Imago Venues revealed that more networking helped delegates discuss and digest what they have learnt, and develop a different perspective on the information.

      Creating environments that encouraged delegates to begin conversations with their peers has been found to be very helpful compared to Q&A sessions with the speaker, as it gives attendees more confidence and self-belief. Imago Venues believes that while there is a high expectation amongst delegates that all meeting content should be relevant and stimulating, allowing peers to interact, share information and gauge opinions isn’t just necessary, but essential to ensuring personal and professional growth.

      “As venues, we need to support event organisers so they can integrate breakout sessions into their programme in a way that achieves both their goals and those of their delegates,” said Emma Boynton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Imago Venues. “Being able to offer flexible meeting rooms and separate networking areas allows everybody to get what they need from the event, which in turn makes it a worthwhile experience for everybody involved.

      “Because everybody has a different way of taking this information on board, having the chance to discuss it away from the classroom aides the learning process meaning they can take more away from the meeting.”

      You can download a copy of the full report by clicking here

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