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      On-demand doctors want you to take control of your health

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      A new website is aiming to combat workplace absence through a dedicated team of doctors available digitally and over the phone. AKEALife.co.uk offers businesses quick mobile access to health advice for employees on-demand. The service is hoping to crack down on workplace illnesses as individual cases can be assessed and dealt with quickly before sickness can spread.

      The online clinic can be used by employers to authorise sick leave and encourage workers to see a doctor for assessment. Bosses can also be provided with fit for work notes through the website as it allows for employees to have their healthcare managed and given support through communication with professionals. Not only for physical symptoms, workers can also use the service to consult on mental health concerns.

      Employees are able to see the same doctor repeatedly, allowing patients to build up a relationship as the company is hoping to recapture the feel of having a dedicated family doctor. Regulated and registered with the Care Quality Commission, AKEA Life can be accessed within and outside of office hours as the service aims to provide flexible care through the weekend.

      Designed out of the need to fit healthcare around an employee’s busy work and social life, the medical site wanted to change the way that people manage their health by providing the same kind of on-demand streamlined customer experience that many services provide in 2017.

      “In the 21st century doctors need to be available for people seven days a week and in the evenings,” explained Dr Jamie Paweleck, medical director at AKEA Life. “We can deliver that by providing a private practice environment that goes the extra mile for its patients.”

      Stress can account for 37% of all work related ill health cases, according to the Doctor, who hopes to encourage people to take control of their healthcare as almost half of all lost working days are due to illness. Dr Paweleck hopes that taking control “will encourage their staff better manage their health and prevent any future health problems.”


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