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Plan Your Summer Switch Off – A PA’s guide to holiday zen

We know that being a PA or Office Manager means juggling a million tasks. Disconnecting completely on holiday can often feel impossible. Constant work check-ins can zap your relaxation and leave you feeling more frazzled than refreshed. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Here’s how PAs like you can achieve true holiday zen, even with a toe dipped in the work email…

Preparation is Key

  • Wrap it Up: Before you leave, delegate or finalise tasks. Set clear expectations with colleagues about your availability and who to contact for urgent matters.
  • Out-of-Office on Point: Craft a clear and concise out-of-office message. Set specific times (if any) you’ll check emails and let them know when you’ll be fully back.

Embrace Technology (Wisely)

  • Go App-tastic: Utilise calendar apps to block out “work-check” times. Schedule these during quiet moments, not prime sightseeing hours.
  • Silent Treatment: Mute work notifications on your phone. Consider a temporary work email folder you check only during designated slots.

Disconnect to Reconnect

  • Pack Light (Digitally): Download podcasts, audiobooks, or movies for offline enjoyment. Leave the laptop at home (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Embrace the Moment: Focus on the sights, sounds, and experiences of your holiday. Plan activities that force you to be present – a hike with stunning views, a relaxing massage, or a delicious local meal.


  • Boundaries are Beautiful: Communicate your need for downtime to your boss. A well-rested PA is a more productive PA.
  • Me-time Matters: Schedule activities you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s reading a good book by the pool or spending quality time with loved ones.

Bonus Tip: Upon returning, consider a buffer day to catch up on work before diving back in fully. This allows for a smoother transition and helps you retain those holiday vibes a little longer.

Remember, a rejuvenated you is a PA Life winner!

Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash